Training and Learning Development


The primary purpose of this project was to assess the growing need for new approaches to the industry’s internal training function, a need fuelled by the pending retirements, career progression and changing technology in the industry. The project built a framework for industry to identify strategies and tactics supporting to improve training capacity.

Results of the Project

The initiative resulted in a list of ten recommendations that Electricity Human Resources Canada, working with industry, could undertake to increase training capacity in the electricity sector.

The three highest priority recommendations were:

  • Develop occupational standards for industry trainers
  • Develop a self-assessment tool to assess requirements for training staff
  • Promote collaboration among utilities

Project Website

View all ten recommendations, as well as the full results of the project, on the Training and Learning Development microsite.

Further Information

For more information about the Training and Learning Development project, please contact (613) 235-5540 or by email at