Labour Market Transition Project


Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) partnered with other sector councils to first identify pools of skilled workers presently employed in declining sectors and then second, assess the barriers to hiring employees from other sectors.

EHRC oversaw research on engaging workers from sectors that have a surplus labour supply in order to ease short and medium-term labour demands in the electricity industry. The research looked at the challenges, opportunities and feasibility of this.

The project compared occupations across sectors and isolated key transferable skills. After identifying career-training and development resources, and then analyzing current recruitment practices, it recommended ways to ease workers’ transitions from one sector to another.

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Declining industries in Canada prove to be an unrealistic source of significant skilled labour for the electricity sector.

Our report, Skill Shortages and Labour Market Transition Measures in the Canadian Electricity Sector shows that because of the extensive training and technical skills required for electricity sector jobs, there’s limited potential to recruit significant numbers of workers from declining industries.

Instead, the report recommends that to develop and sustain a strong electricity workforce, the industry needs to target youth, value existing employees and analyze the international labour market.

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