Knowledge Management & Knowledge Transfer

With a significant portion of its workforce due to retire, the electricity industry needs a knowledge management system to transfer knowledge to new and existing employees.

Knowledge management and transfer will be crucial to preserve an organization’s intellectual capital.

The Knowledge Management and Transfer Project aimed to identify best practices within the electricity industry in Canada. Furthermore, it provided a number of strategic recommendations to aid industry in adopting knowledge transfer planning processes within their organizations, particularly for their critical, scarce and ‘long lead-time hire’ positions.

Please visit the project website for more information.

Working with the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada (KMIC), Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) offers a series  training programs, executive briefs, and workshops.

Project Results

EHRC designed a number of resources to address the HR issues facing the industry. Specifically, these can help employers:

  • Develop a succession plan for its business.
  • Capture critical knowledge from employees due to retire.

We’ve also developed a number of courses and certifications to help employers. Please contact for more details.