Recruitment & Retention


To strengthen their workforces, employers in the electricity industry need to find skilled workers and hold on to them. Doing so requires employers try new approaches while looking to others’ past success and building upon it.

Electricity Human Resources Canada is committed to helping employers recruit and retain skilled workers. The programs, projects and resources we’ve created to help include:

Recruiting Women to the Industry

Women are an essential part of electricity workforce and yet they only represent 25% of the current workforce.

EHRC has created a series of videos to help recruit women to the industry. Later in 2014, EHRC will release it’s report on how women view the industry from a variety of perspectives. Watch for more information as the report is release but, in the meantime, visit Bridging the Gap project page to learn more about the project and its activities.

Mentoring Women

Funded by Status of Women Canada, the Connected Women project will develop and implement a national mentorship program designed for women looking to enter the electricity industry. Visit the project page to learn more.

Hiring Internationally Trained Workers

Collectively, workers trained in other countries offer a pool of talent that Canadian employers can draw upon. These workers come equipped with some of the necessary skills needed to work in the electricity industry.

EHRC developed Plugged In: Accessing the World’s Talent to assist industry employers in recruiting and retaining workers who have studied and trained abroad. Navigating the various steps in this process can be complex and this resource kit makes it easier to tap this talent.

Our Toolkit

Some of the resources and tools in the kit include:

  • The business case for the recruiting Internationally Trained Workers
  • An overview of the recruitment process
  • Licensure/Certification requirements
  • Tips for integrating ITWs into the workplace
  • Examples of best practices

For more information, please visit our microsite Plugged In: Accessing the World’s Talent.

Wage Subsidies Through the Career Focus Program

Through the Government of Canada’s Sector Youth Career Focus Program, Electricity Human Resources Canada has been providing wage subsidies to energy-related companies that offer employment to recent graduates.

For one year, employers can receive funding amounting to one-half of new workers’ base salaries, to a maximum of $12,500.

Get Involved! Learn more about the program.

Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative

Through the project, Aboriginal peoples gained greater awareness of opportunities for work within the industry. Employers in turn could strengthen their recruitment efforts through a better understanding of the employment practices of Aboriginal peoples.

More information can be found at the project microsite.

Succession Planning

In 2008, Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) conducted a study on succession planning in the electricity and renewable energy sector. The purpose of the study was to identify best practices being used in Canada and around the world.

  • Report: Succession Planning Best Practices and Tools for the Canadian Electricity and Renewable Energy Sector.
  • Online Coaching & Mentoring Toolkit: Helps organizations and employees develop their coaching skills — an important first-step in the succession planning process. Contact us for access:

Knowledge Management & Transfer

With a significant portion of its workforce due to retire, the electricity industry needs a knowledge management system to transfer knowledge to new and existing employees.

Knowledge management and transfer will be crucial to preserve an organization’s intellectual capital.

The Knowledge Management and Transfer Project aimed to identify best practices within the electricity industry in Canada. Furthermore, it provided a number of strategic recommendations to aid industry in adopting knowledge transfer planning processes within their organizations, particularly for their critical, scarce and ‘long lead-time hire’ positions.

Please visit the Knowledge Management & Transfer website for further details about the project.

Working with the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada (KMIC), Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) offers a series training programs, executive briefs, and workshops.

Bright Futures BC

The Bright Futures BC program raises student awareness of career opportunities , encouraging them to choose careers in the electricity and renewable energy industries.

In March 2009, a Bright Futures BC educational package was developed and distributed to all high schools in the province. The package included “Energize you Future” posters, lesson plans, eight job descriptions, and tattoos.