Workplace Support



Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) assists both small and large businesses to more effectively manage and improve their workforces.

We designed our suite of resources to meet the needs of employers, employees and job seekers in the industry. Employers can shape and manage their workforce more effectively. Employees can improve their performance. And job seekers can find their next job or kickstart a new career.

Our workplace support covers several areas. Some projects and programs fall under more than one category:

Training & Skills

Through our training toolkits and national occupational standards, employers can more effectively build their workforces.

Recruitment & Retention

These resources are designed to help employers find top talent and hold onto it.


Our research provides important information, analysis and recommendations in support of the industry and to help industry stakeholders make more informed decision.

Best Practices

Organizations across the country have developed approaches to human resources that work. We’re committed to sharing these best practices within the industry so that others can learn from, adopt and adapt them to improve their own human resources.

Career Awareness

The electricity industry offers a wide range of different careers. We show you what options are available. As well, we provide information on what training and skills you need to follow specific career paths and where to learn them.

  • Career Awareness