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Canada's electricity industry faces serious and growing human resources challenges. If not properly addressed, these emerging challenges could affect our ability to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. To ensure a continuing supply of electricity, industry, education and training institutions, regulatory authorities and policy makers require an in-depth understanding of these human resource concerns. Only by developing and maintaining an adequate pool of skilled workers can we guarantee the long-term stability of Canada's electricity supply.

Developed by Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC), the Labour Market Information (LMI) website is designed to help industry, government and the field of education plan effective human resource strategies. By providing clear and up-to-date labour market information, the site paints a clear picture of the industry's current workforce while providing a valuable glimpse into future issues and challenges. Thanks to the support and commitment of industry stakeholders, the 2008 Labour Market Information Study represents the most current and accurate data possible.

EHRC's LMI website features:

  • Up-to-date labour supply and demand data
  • Informative tables and graphs
  • Links to relevant reports, studies and research

At EHRC, we believe the LMI website effectively addresses the emerging human resource issues we face as an industry. Not only does the site alleviate much of the stress and uncertainty that comes with a changing workforce, it provides the information that our industry requires to develop a skilled, safe and sustainable workforce.

For the condensed and full version of the report, please go to Reference or click here.

Michelle Branigan
Chief Executive Officer

Funded by the Government of Canada Sector Council Program