Workforce in Motion: Labour Market Intelligence Study, 2017–2022

With the latest labour market intelligence (LMI) research initiative Workforce in Motion, EHRC has gathered information on workforce demographics, labour supply and demand gaps, human resource needs, post-secondary training and labour markets within a rapidly changing energy landscape.

The electricity sector in Canada proudly employs 106,575 utility workers across multiple occupations (Statistics Canada. 2016 Census of the Population: Catalogue no. 98-400-X2016295). Developing a pipeline of skilled labour to ensure an adequate pool of trained and experienced workers for both today and tomorrow is critical to ensuring the long-term stability of Canada’s electricity supply.

This research report is an essential planning and informing tool for a wide range of electricity sector stakeholders and this iteration continues EHRC’s ongoing LMI research, providing critical information to the sector for both short and long term resource planning.

Workforce in Motion: Labour Marketing Intelligence

About the Study

This current study is an update to EHRC’s 2011 LMI entitled “Power in Motion”. The aim of this study is to build an updated body of knowledge to inform and improve the electricity industry’s capability in workforce planning, regulatory filing and organizational planning—particularly as it relates to identifying training, programming and curriculum requirements to mitigate business risk related to human resource management.

The study provides both real-time current information and long-term (up to 2022) estimates/assessment of labour demand and supply specifically for the electricity and renewable energy industry.

Under the strategic guidance of the National LMI Advisory Committee, the methodology includes an environmental scan, primary research (including the administration of a national survey of employers to collect data on labour demand), key informant interviews, and a survey of educational institutions to assess supply side factors.

Critical information gathered through this study on the labour market and current and future human resources needs assists decision-makers within industry, government and education in identifying and planning for these needs accurately and effectively. Information gathered through this study will be used to:

  • Inform organizations on what skills are available in the workforce and what gaps need to be filled;
  • Support human resources (HR) and organizational planning;
  • Brief senior managers in your organization on the issues and priorities for HR;
  • Brief regulators and other stakeholders on the issues, costs and initiatives for HR development in your organization;
  • Coordinate labour market analysis with other industries and sector councils;
  • Inform educational planners, career advisors, teachers, parents and job seekers about opportunities in the sector, what education and training to pursue and the extent to which educational credentials will be measured, accredited and transferable;
  • Identify the range of workplace skills required: employers are increasingly looking for workers with multi-faceted competencies—not just technical knowledge, but also so-called “soft skills” such as collaboration and teamwork, problem-solving, leadership;
  • Guide decisions on immigration and inform potential immigrants about opportunities in the electricity industry, and the skills they need; and
  • Inform government policy makers and the general public on labour market conditions and HR priorities.

This report is available at the following prices (plus tax):

Organization & SizeNon-Member Price
Employers (<100 employees)$2,095
Employers (100–500 employees)$5,995
Employers (>500 employees)$7,995
Unions (<1,000 members)$2,095
Unions (1,000–5,000 members)$5,995
Unions (>5,000 members)$7,995
Education & NGOs$2,095

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*Contributors to this research will be provided with the Executive Summary free of charge, along with a two-page fact sheet for their respective stakeholders. Non-member research participants and/or steering committee members receive a 45% discount.

Workforce in Motion: Labour Marketing Intelligence

National Steering Committee

EHRC would like to recognize and thank the National LMI Steering Committee whose mandate was to share their expertise, advise, guide, and assess project activities/outcomes; validate findings; assist with stakeholder engagement/communications and determine how the findings can be used to assist the industry.  Thank you to the following organizations who kindly supported this body of work:

While working on the national perspective EHRC also worked in tandem, with stakeholders in Alberta to examine the impact of a rapidly changing landscape, including the increased focus on renewables, the move away from coal and the impact this will have on employment in the sector. Results from this study were integrated with the National LMI Study report and are also available as a stand-alone report. Thank you to those on the Alberta Advisory Committee for their insight and leadership.