What We Do


Helping Keep the Lights on in Canada

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is all about human resources in Canada’s electricity industry.

We’re an Ottawa-based not-for-profit with Canada-wide reach. We’re an enabler, a research hub, a convener and an active partner.

Industry players–from business, government, academic institutions and organized labour– use our products and services to make informed decisions and manage their organizations more effectively.

Above all, we provide evidence-based solutions to the challenges facing the electricity industry.

We’re proud to say that we help keep the lights on in Canada.

Our Mission

Electricity is one of Canada’s essential utilities. More than 100,000 Canadians are involved in generating, transmitting and distributing it. Their work powers homes and businesses across the country, fuelling everything from light bulbs, cell phones and refrigerators to water treatment plants and road vehicle assembly lines.

However, in the face of changing demographics and technology, the industry’s highly skilled workforce needs to grow and adapt. By meeting these challenges, the industry can secure Canada’s long-term electricity supply.

EHRC works to strengthen the ability of the Canadian electricity industry to meet current and future needs for their workforce – one that is highly skilled, safety-focused, diverse and productive.

Our Mandate

  • Conduct and disseminate valuable research about human resources in Canada’s electricity industry.
  • Help the industry create and sustain a skilled and diverse labour force.
  • Promote awareness of career and employment opportunities in the industry.
  • Develop partnerships that better enable the industry to meet its human resources needs.

Canada’s most trusted source of objective human resource information with market information and tools to help the Canadian electricity industry. It provides a platform for industry needs, identifying ways to make Canadian businesses “best in class.” Industry matches workforce supply to demand, allowing employers and employees to grow and remain innovative. This improves the quality of service to all Canadians.


So how do we achieve our mission and fulfill our mandate? By assisting the industry in three key areas:

Workplace support

Both small and large businesses look to us for help with HR issues. Through our suite of tools, they can find guidance on training, skills development, recruitment and other HR issues.

Labour market intelligence

Our research provides far more than raw data; it gives industry players the information needed to strategically build their workforces.

Connecting & convening

Industry players come together through our conferences, webinars and working groups to learn, share and collaborate.

Founding, Growth and Renewal

An exhaustive report released in 2004 revealed a pressing need for industry-wide recruitment and retention strategies. The report foresaw a significant portion of the workforce would retire by 2010.

In response, a partnership formed between business, labour, education and government. In 2005, this partnership created the Electricity Sector Council, the original name of our organization.

Since then, EHRC has evolved to meet the changing needs of Canada’s electricity industry. Most recently, in 2012 we adopted our current name and realigned our mandate to better serve our stakeholders.


The organization carries out its mandate under the guidance of a Board of Directors, EHRC’s CEO Michelle Branigan, and a dedicated staff team in Ottawa.